Recruiting With Us

The ongoing success of Gateway is based on tailoring solutions for different clients – fitting into your way of doing business. Our expertise as professional recruiters enables us to provide a comprehensive service across a number of services so that our clients can enjoy the simplicity of a relationship with just one agency

Smooth and Simple Hiring

Quick and efficient recruitment processes ensuring your hiring is smooth and simple.

We have a team of recruiters ‘going that extra mile’ to maintain our success rate. We always take the time to drill down to our clients’ exact requirements so that we can find and place the right candidate first time.

All candidates are met in person and all documents are checked robustly, we also provide an online quick-turnaround DBS service, which is monitored to keep fully up to date. We always work with our clients and candidates beyond their placement ensuring that they are performing and progressing.

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  • Ensure current Right To Work vetting
  • All Staff are DBS checked by Gateway Employment
  • Required certificates and accreditation for roles is always up to date
  • Workforce is agile and reactive
  • Ability to provide for split shift roles
  • Gateway Employment is a London Living Wage Employer
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