Interview Tips

Job interviews can be very daunting but in a very competitive job market, this is your opportunity to demonstrate you’re the best person for the job. The way you present yourself at an interview is one of a few factors that ultimately determines whether you are the right person for the job


Do your research on the hiring company; take a look at their website and their company ethos. The interviewer will be impressed that you showed interest in the company and the role.


The interviewer will want to get to know you and your personality, this allows them to get an understanding of how you work and also allows you to settle down and get a feel for the personality of the interviewer.

Common Questions

A common question will be ‘what attracted you to the position and why you would be a suitable candidate?’ This is where you establish rapport with the interviewer; you should discuss your experience and your skills which qualifies you for the role.


Your appearance is crucial to setting the tone for the interview. First impressions are always important and we will always advise you on the appropriate dress code. If you are taking any important documentation with you, we recommend you use an adequate case or folder.


Arrive 15 minutes before your interview time; you should never be late or too early! Employers appreciate someone arriving slightly early. In the event you are running late it is important that you get in contact with the company to inform them of the situation. Prepare your journey the day before and give yourself time for travel delays that may occur.