Find a Job

Putting it all together

Now you have a winning CV that will get you noticed by employers it is important that you look in the right places to turn your career goals into reality. The key to finding the right job is being proactive all the way along your job hunt. Whether you pick up the phone to a recruitment agency or making connections on professional platforms such as LinkedIn, these will help you get noticed and remembered. Keep your eye on online job boards and newspapers as these are the places you will find the majority of roles.

Recruitment that works for you

Recruitment agencies are there to help align you with the perfect role, their expertise should be utilised. A lot of companies won’t advertise jobs on their own websites and will outsource all recruitment to agencies; therefore, it is important that you are contacting agencies for the latest opportunities in your areas and sectors of interest.

Online Job Search

Job boards will hold the majority of specialist jobs that you can narrow down to your target specialism. Ensure that you have created accounts on job boards such as Indeed, Reed, and TotalJobs and upload your most recent CV and activate the setting that allows hiring managers find your CV.

Reach Out

In your head you will have a clear idea on the career that is right for you and the key organisations in your sector of choice. There is no harm in reaching out to those organisations and enquiring about potential opportunities. You may find that they outsource all recruitment to agencies in which case you go through them. Nonetheless, reaching out to organisations is a good way of getting yourself noticed and showing a keen interest to work for that organisation. Some organisations may have a register option where you can sign up for job alerts and updates

Your Network

Your personal network could hold the key to your next opportunity, a lot of the time it is indeed who you know rather than what you know. Speak with friends and family if you are considering changing careers and get in touch with anyone who you think may be of help. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn were created to help people wanting to change careers and with a wide network of hiring managers and recruiters it is important to utilise your LinkedIn network to get noticed.


Finding the exact perfect role will be difficult to come by so compromising and being flexible on certain aspects such as salary, commute time and job type will work in your favour. Being too refined with your search limits you to a small number of jobs to apply for. It is far better widening your expectations and having a wider selection of jobs to apply for.

Local Newspapers

This approach may be deemed a little outdated, however, a lot of employers are looking for talent and post adverts in local newspapers. It is important to keep your eye on local news adverts because they will advertise relevant jobs that may not be advertised online or on any job boards. There is certainly no harm in widening your job search and newspapers still play an important role.